A little about me... I was born in America but owe my exotic looks to my Nicaraguan and Spanish heritage. I'm fluent in speaking both English and Spanish and I love to talk! I'm a deep conversationalist and love to spend hours immersed in friendly intellectual discussion. 


I lead a structured and clean lifestyle. I take great pride in always looking my best and keeping myself in the best possible shape, mentally and physically. I've followed a strict diet consisting exclusively of organic naturally grown fruits and vegetables for the last 5 years. I regularly work out and spare no expense when it comes to natural skincare for myself to ensure that I always look my absolute best at all times. I'm proud to say that my looks are 100% natural and It gives me great pleasure to excite you with my appearance.


I do not allow any drama, baggage, or time wasters in my life, and will not hesitate to remove anyone who breaks this boundary.

My ideal client is a mature, distinguished, fun-loving, pleasure-seeking gentleman who desires an extraordinary experience unlike any other. I’m not a high volume provider as I am much more concerned with ensuring superior quality for our experiences rather than juggling a large number of clients and as a result, I am highly selective with whom I will accept as a client.

Much love,